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Call them “Away Days”, “Off Site Meetings”, or the usual “Corporate Retreat”, nearly every member of the United States business world has a personal opinion on the topic. While there might be those that prefer sipping on cold coffee and hammering out the details of their next company move, we tend to cater toward individuals who see these weekend opportunities as exactly that, an opportunity. Estate Weddings and Events views corporate retreats as a day or two out of the office to experience the joy of a job well done, lunch with an unknown coworker, or simply a moment or two smiling amongst office pals in the California sun.

Rather than cram your employees into a drafty and poorly-lit hotel reception hall, treat your remarkable staff to the comforts of an expansive mansion in Orange County, a Balinisian-inspired property in Sonoma’s wine country, or the breathtaking view of a Santa Barbara escape. Rest assured knowing there will be plenty of space for meetings and business discussions as well as lush green lawn areas for a picnic-themed luncheon or afternoon croquet to set a jubilant tone. Estate Weddings and Events will be happy to create a medley of proposals to let you know all of the possibilities available to you at a private venue. From projection screens to gift baskets, we do it all!


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