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For all of those who may be unaware, San Francisco and the surrounding lands have been gifted the final burst of a late September heat wave, a supernova of summer blasting into the fall, if you will. Pasty arms and squinty eyes can be seen soaking up every last ray of sunshine from the shores of Bolinas to the glittering skyscrapers of downtown.

It got me thinking about the briefness of summer. Sure, three months of lemonade, freshly cut grass, beach-side picnics, air conditioning, lazying about the backyard and whistling to 70s pop might sound eternal, these days really do fly by. What better way to cherish these last weeks of BBQs and brewskis than a grand finale weekend getaway?

Estate Weddings and Events lives for events, but we also know the value of a Saturday well spent. Rather than one evening of star gazing or a pleasant afternoon of tea and crumpets, rent one of our estates for a weekend of Get-That-Coat-Out-Of-My-Sight relaxation. Before those warm nights flutter past us take a weekend in one of our California properties to unwind.

Hail from the South? Check out the Gridley Ranch in Ojai. Wander around this chic New Mexican style estate marveling at the bold fixtures scattered about. Rather than spending the afternoon catching a game of tennis on the television, try a game of croquet in the surrounding hills or relax on the porch overlooking Santa Barbara. And while you’re there, ensure you grab a handful or two of freshly picked nectarines. What screams fun in the summer sun more than freshly peeled fruit?

The heat too much for you up here in the Bay? Take a day trip to the Hidden Palms in Temecula. Sure, Napa’s not too far but take a peak at the beautiful valleys in another neck of the woods. Try a dip in the pool and grab a drink at the water bar (seriously, who would pass this up?) Grab the video camera and make some home movies for a chance to capture the smile a hot start to fall tends to bring.

Want some weekend getaway ideas? We’d be happy to point you in the direction of city attractions, amazing dining experiences and the perfect place to sit and stare out at the ocean. Adventure seekers by nature, the women of Estate Weddings and Events have more than a few secrets no Lonely Planet would dare provide!Staycation Vacation Estate Rental


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We can’t help but get excited about celebrity weddings here at Estate Weddings and Events.  We love to follow the rich and famous through their careers and dream about what their luxurious lives might be like.  When celebrities tie the knot, we pick up the latest gossip magazine to learn about everything from what designer the bride wore to what spectacular venue they secretly wed at.   Lately, the celebrity wedding trend is marrying at an exclusive estate, filled with close family and friends and having the freedom and privacy to have their perfect wedding.

Reese Witherspoon recently wed her fiancé Jim Toth at her beautiful country estate in Ojai, California this past March.  The rustic country elegance of her estate was the perfect location for an intimate celebration of 100 guests, which included her daughter Ava as her maid of honor.  Guests were seated at reclaimed wooden tables, and served mustard-grilled chicken and herb roasted lamb.  The night was filled with celebratory dancing to country and blue grass music, as well as a Rockabilly band.  When she couldn’t stand dancing in high heels any longer, Reese changed into her cowboy boots to get more comfortable.

If you are looking for a similar country wedding venue, where you’ll be treated to a celeb-worthy experience, we have the perfect estate for you!  Our new property Gridley Ranch, like Reese Witherspoon’s estate, is also located in Ojai, California (please see our previous blog post for more details and photographs).   The rustic elegance of this estate, combined with the stunning views at sunset creates an idyllic setting for any event.

Another of our exclusive estates, The Caballo, will also cater to your country themed event.  Located in Los Altos Hills, this location is perfect for an outdoor wedding with market lighting strung throughout this 10 acre property.  This equestrian center has a charming wood paneled barn and stables and endless possibilities for your dream event.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our Ranch House estate in Moorpark.  This 10 acre expansive equestrian center can accommodate over 500 guests for a sit down dinner and is just one hour outside of Los Angeles.  Its charming rustic appeal can suit nearly any event theme, including a vintage inspired rustic wedding or a country chic picnic or barbeque.  The day wouldn’t be complete without a photo shoot in front of the red barn on the property.

If you are interested in booking any one of these venues for your own celebrity style wedding or event, please give us a call and we would love to discuss the endless possibilities to make your dream a reality.

Country Estate Wedding

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Over the weekend, two of our coordinators were treated to a weekend of gourmet dining, breathtaking views of the Santa Barbara skyline at the Abbey Estate and a handful of tours through newly acquired properties. Needless to say, we are positively thrilled to individually introduce each of these wonderful architectural gems.

Featured here is the Gridley Ranch located in Ojai, California. This beautifully cozy yet remarkable property is situated on 40+ acres of grasslands in the rolling California hills. The women of Estate Weddings and Events were greeted with sunshine, a light breeze sweeping from the West and a pocket full of freshly picked oranges. The property includes a poignantly aged barn, a series of guest cottages scattered about the land accessible via stone pathways, and a collection of tangerine, lemon, plum and nectarine trees to perfectly accent the surrounding grounds.

The main house, available for overnight rental, boasts two native stone fireplaces, intricately designed tile work and ornately crafted aesthetic details to evoke true California luxury.  The design innovatively combines the rustic wild West and the elegant simplicity of shabby chic luxury. The interior space is dripped in crisp white walls, couches and full lounge chairs accented by equestrian keepsakes, striking throw rugs and steer wall mounts. Elegant French doors open onto a wrap around porch with an outdoor barbecue as well as expansive fire pit, ideal for lazy afternoons peeling nectarines and gazing out at the beautiful rouge sky at twilight.

If you are interested in booking your next event at this serene Ojai retreat, give us a call and we would love to discuss the various ways this unbelievable property can be utilized. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway with friends and family or the ideal backdrop to your dream wedding, the Gridley Ranch offers more than just a venue, it’s peace of mind.

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