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It is during the arrival of our favorite season, Spring, that one of life’s greatest mysteries remains to be solved. Year after year, one unsuspecting Sunday is selected to defy all linear logic and leaps ahead one whole hour while we slumber peacefully. You would think that after experiencing this wild phenomenon every blossoming season, we would cease to look up at the sky every evening, mouth-agape and proclaim, “Oh wow! Who knew the sky could be this light at such a late hour? It has never been this sunny around this time before!”

This year, take advantage of those extra wonderful moments of sunshine and host a Spring celebration for friends and family or make it an office party to remember! April is the perfect time to rally your loved ones together before the summer craze sets in. Collaborate with Estate Weddings and Events and host an afternoon picnic at the Emma estate in Rancho Santa Fe. The warm and lush grounds of the Emma  provide the ideal background to any outdoor afternoon. With the sweet aromas of chocolate bunnies and Cadburry Eggs lining the shelves of groceries the Nation over, you could even set up an egg decorating table for the whole family to enjoy. Be honest, you know you love your pink and purple tye-dyed napkin almost as much as the egg itself!

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