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Valentine’s Day wanders into our lives right at the opportune time. After months of planning elaborate autumn themed feasts and forcing ourselves into sugar cookie comas, February almost makes us miss all the holiday commotion. Sure we dread the inevitable stress that stems from a boisterous family reunion, but can we really complain when it comes time to open up those photo albums and those matching sweaters still make us smile?

This month, Estate Weddings and Events joins in the rouge-inspired excitement coursing up and down the aisles of nearly every department store in appreciation of love. Come check out our estates and let your mind wander through the various ways you too can appreciate the family that nearly drove you mad just a few weeks ago with a Valentine’s Day photo shoot.

This week, our inspiration board conjures up the warmth, comfort and joy felt right here at home. Centered around our cozy Rancho Santa Fe estate, The Emma, we’ve captured the beautiful simplicity of an early morning with your perennial crush. With such a charming property as the backdrop to your shoot, you are free to emphasize the subtle joy brought to you every day by your best friend, soul mate, or family, simply by saying, “good morning”.

Valentine's Day at the Emma Estate

Property Shown: The Emma Estate

Photography: Sogoal Zolghadri on “Honey Hymnal”

Images: “weheartit”


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