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Exclusive Private Estate Wedding Locations

Private Estate Weddings – Intimate unique wedding locations available for Weddings and Events

Estate Weddings and Events offers unique private estates available for weddings from San Diego California to South Africa. Whether you are looking for an intimate setting for 30 guests or a large Mansion rental for 500. Estate Weddings and Events has it all.

Estate Weddings offers Ranch weddings, Farm weddings, Modern Weddings, Mansions, Villas, and Unique venues. Please contact us today for your dream wedding Venue.

Contact http://www.estateweddingsandevents.com today for your wedding venue.


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Flying on the shirt tails of last week’s post regarding hassle-free income via your fabulous estate, the women of Estate Weddings and Events have compiled a “how to” fit for any party aficionado! Whether you’ve had the theme picked out for your special day since “I do” answered “Who wants a cookie?” or this season’s Winter Wonderland gala was just thrown in your lap, there’s always time to save a pretty penny (and make it look like a golden nugget!)

 1. Décor

One of the toughest parts about planning any event is stressing the small stuff. Often times we get so consumed in the caterers, event space and guest list we forget the little details that really make an event sparkle. Rather than hopping online and ordering two dozen extra bouquets scattered about the property, take an afternoon and go for a stroll. Seriously. Wander by a few vintage and antique shops as open minded as humanly possible and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. Handful of old mason jars? Dessert station! Rusticated vintage frames of various sizes and colors? Hang them from the surrounding grounds and insta-photo-opp! Keep noticing how wonderful all of the retired books smell? Stack ‘em up, they make great center pieces for the wise and curious!

 2. Seating

If you’re looking to cut costs in some creative places for your upcoming wedding, think about walking down the aisle with your friends, family and loved ones looking up at you from a much cozier setting. Having an outdoor ceremony? You don’t need a Western themed soiree to appreciate the simplicity and natural beauty of fluffy yellow hay for your guests to rest on. Cover the barrels in blankets or alternate barrels with quilts scattered about. Love the furniture of your own home but don’t know how to incorporate it? Grab an eclectic array of pieces with a few picked up or borrowed, and your ceremony will look straight out of Vogue.

 3. Glassware

Now unfortunately, there really is no getting around needing to provide your guests with silverwear and drinking glasses (well, unless you’re really into finger foods). One way to save on the tumultuous amount of glasswear that is used during an event is to ensure your guests hold onto their stuff! Whether you’re the crafty type who designed the table labels or love those intricately designed by others, provide each guest with a small and unique ornament to adorn their goblets. Have a blast with it and toss them in as a party favor!

 4. Catering

We’ve dropped hints about this cent-saving wonder a few times before and we can’t wait to gush about it all over again! While we absolutely love the beauty of a sit-down feast (taste tests anyone?) there’s something truly remarkable and authentic as the much smaller-scale food truck. Popping up like daisies all over the country,  food trucks are the latest and greatest in culinary trends. While nearly every catering company is happy to create a menu fit for your adventurous taste buds, food trucks have a few things pegged to absolute perfection! Feeling a little bit spicy? There’s an Indian food stand for that. Thinking cute, clean and trendy? Which all organic ice cream and frozen yogurt truck would you like to try first? Fabulous for photoshoots and tasty to boot, this money-saving catering option is really on a roll!

 5. Location

If the next event you’re already scheming over is your wedding, we’ve got a big one! Estate Weddings and Events knows the hopes and wishes that make up your dream day can be as specific as the watt of lighting on your final exit to as broad and open to suggestion as the city to which you wed. One way to save on expenses but expand your dream is to combine your intimate ceremony with the open-air breeze of an outdoor party at the same venue. Gather your guests to the interior of a barn beneath old oak rafters or the large family room filled with joy and comfort then scoot them outside for an evening under the stars. One cost. One location. One amazing day.


Estate Weddings and Events is here to work directly with you to keep your event true to form, even when a few corners need to be cut. Let us know the “must haves”, the “maybes”, the “I have no idea what I’m doings” and we’d love to provide tips and tricks that have saved us on multiple occasions. 3


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Planning an event at a private estate can be very fulfilling, but there are so many questions that come up along the way.  We wanted to focus a bit on catering an event at a private estate and what questions you should be asking your venue!

Can I bring in my own caterer?

  • Although, catering and beverage service is often provided in house, many private estates will have a preferred catering list which will have different vendors available with a variety of menu options and pricing and can customize to your specifications.  Many venues will allow outside catering as long as they are a licensed and insured.

If I have religious or cultural guidelines or special dietary concerns, do I have to go through your catering service?

  • Most estates will allow you to bring in your own catering service in this case, and may wave any outside catering fee.

My guest count is very small, do I have to pay the outside catering fee if I decide to use my own caterer?

  • Many venues only charge for outside catering when you reach a certain amount of guests.  Usually the fee is only assessed when the guest count reaches around 75 guests and above.

Will the caterer have access to the kitchen?

  • Every estate varies, but some will allow limited access to the kitchen.  Others will need to have a build out kitchen set up on the estate (oftentimes the garage).  Keep room in your budget for your caterer to bring in their own appliances for the build out kitchen.

Are there food and beverage minimums?

  • Ask your venue if they have any food and beverage minimums.  Some venues will have minimums that you must meet that might be well above what you were planning on spending.  Private estate events typically are much more flexible than traditional banquet halls and do not have food and beverage minimums, which leaves you with more freedom to spend that money on something else.

Can I bring my own alcohol or add my favorite beverage to the menu?

  • If you have a specific brand of wine or signature cocktail that you would like served, most services allow you to customize their beverage menu.  Some estates may let you bring in your own alcohol for a lower fee, while they still provide the bartenders and the non-alcoholic drink options.

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A few weeks ago, we held our “Cool Summer Nights” industry event at the stunning Bali Gardens estate to showcase the beautiful estate and some of our favorite vendors in the event industry.  Both the exterior and interior of the estate are now available to use for everything from corporate meetings and retreats to your company’s annual holiday party.

Thank you to all of our amazing catering and dessert vendors who delighted us with delicious bites and treats: MAISON catering of Los Angeles, Stone Brewing Co., Authentic Flavors Catering, Tailored Sweets, & Sweet Cheeks Baking Company. We would also love to thank EMBELLISHMINT- Floral & Event Design Studio, Adrianne Smith Floral Design, Concepts Event Design, Hire Elegance, and Wayne Foster Music & Entertainment for creating such a relaxing and gorgeous atmosphere at the Bali Gardens Estate for our guests to enjoy. A special thanks to Preferred Valet Parking for taking care of our guests, and being our exclusive valet service.

Thanks to our lovely photographer Angela Stanton of Stanton Photo Studios, we would love to share the images from this fantastic night with you! Thank you to all who were able to partake in this event with us! We hope you had as wonderful a time as we did!

The Bali Gardens

Bali Gardens

If you were unable to attend “Cool Summer Nights,” but are still interested in learning more about this breathtaking Rancho Santa Fe estate for your corporate event, we would be more than happy to send you additional information and schedule a private tour for you to view the estate.

If you book a corporate event with the Estate Event Group at the Bali Gardens, or any of our California properties before September 1st, you will receive your choice of the following offers:

• 3% discount off of master event bill

• 10% off event AV & décor services

• Complementary one hour beer & wine welcome reception*

• One complementary “break out” session*

• $1,000 off your second event booking

• Complementary dessert station*

• Complementary iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (16GB)

*up to 125 guests

Please contact us to receive a customized proposal tailored to your specifications.

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Our Cool Summer Nights industry event at the Bali Gardens is closely approaching, and we are lucky enough to be working with some of the very best vendors to make this the best (and most delicious) event!  We will be having Stone Brewing Co., Authentic Flavors and Maison catering the event, and the delicious treats of Tailored Sweets and Sweet Cheeks Baking Company.  Planning this event, as well as our delicious tasting with Behind the Scenes Catering this week, has really helped us get our creative juices flowing (and our stomachs growling) coming up with creative ways to cater your next event!

Have you ever watched those competitive reality cooking shows on television and thought that you would be great at whipping up a dish on the fly with some mystery ingredient?  Get your fellow foodies together to have a cooking competition at one of our estates!

Not into competitive cooking, but still want to try your hand at some new recipes?  Hire a chef to come to your estate event to teach you new techniques and recipes to share with your friends and family, and then savor the meal you created!

Plan an around the world buffet, with a dish from each part of the globe.  Want to make it a bit more interesting?  Hire several different catering companies that specialize in different types of cuisine to get more authentic dishes and let your guests choose their favorite dish.

If you haven’t seen the amazing things that are coming out of the dessert world right now, I suggest you check out Tailored Sweets and Sweet Cheeks’ websites right away!  Have a wine and/or beer pairing at an estate with their amazing desserts.  Or have a more interactive event with several vendors with different types of sweets!

The sustainable food movement and farm to table events are becoming increasingly more desired in the event industry.  Our Sebastopol Sanctuary Estate near Sonoma, California has its own pinot noir vineyards, lavender farm, olive trees, and you can create gourmet hors d’oeuvres made with ingredients from the estate’s own garden.

Sebastopol Sanctuary

Do you have any great catering ideas to share?

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