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Estate Weddings and Events offers unique private estates available for weddings from San Diego California to South Africa. Whether you are looking for an intimate setting for 30 guests or a large Mansion rental for 500. Estate Weddings and Events has it all.

Estate Weddings offers Ranch weddings, Farm weddings, Modern Weddings, Mansions, Villas, and Unique venues. Please contact us today for your dream wedding Venue.

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Happy birthday to E.W.E!  We are very excited to announce that we have officially launched our new Estate Weddings and Events website just in time for our fourth birthday!

Not only is the site more user friendly and visually appealing, we have added a lot of exciting new features.  Estate Weddings and Events is now not only a source for exclusive estate locations, but is now a resource tool for private estate rentals including new blogs, noteworthy events, and the option to search for estate locations.

The All New Estate Weddings and Events

With the launch of our new website, we also have a new blog.  You can view the new blog here!  The information that is found here will still be available to you, but for future updates, be sure to bookmark our new blog for event ideas and updates about new properties!  Please be sure to let us know your feedback about the new site!

Flying on the shirt tails of last week’s post regarding hassle-free income via your fabulous estate, the women of Estate Weddings and Events have compiled a “how to” fit for any party aficionado! Whether you’ve had the theme picked out for your special day since “I do” answered “Who wants a cookie?” or this season’s Winter Wonderland gala was just thrown in your lap, there’s always time to save a pretty penny (and make it look like a golden nugget!)

 1. Décor

One of the toughest parts about planning any event is stressing the small stuff. Often times we get so consumed in the caterers, event space and guest list we forget the little details that really make an event sparkle. Rather than hopping online and ordering two dozen extra bouquets scattered about the property, take an afternoon and go for a stroll. Seriously. Wander by a few vintage and antique shops as open minded as humanly possible and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. Handful of old mason jars? Dessert station! Rusticated vintage frames of various sizes and colors? Hang them from the surrounding grounds and insta-photo-opp! Keep noticing how wonderful all of the retired books smell? Stack ‘em up, they make great center pieces for the wise and curious!

 2. Seating

If you’re looking to cut costs in some creative places for your upcoming wedding, think about walking down the aisle with your friends, family and loved ones looking up at you from a much cozier setting. Having an outdoor ceremony? You don’t need a Western themed soiree to appreciate the simplicity and natural beauty of fluffy yellow hay for your guests to rest on. Cover the barrels in blankets or alternate barrels with quilts scattered about. Love the furniture of your own home but don’t know how to incorporate it? Grab an eclectic array of pieces with a few picked up or borrowed, and your ceremony will look straight out of Vogue.

 3. Glassware

Now unfortunately, there really is no getting around needing to provide your guests with silverwear and drinking glasses (well, unless you’re really into finger foods). One way to save on the tumultuous amount of glasswear that is used during an event is to ensure your guests hold onto their stuff! Whether you’re the crafty type who designed the table labels or love those intricately designed by others, provide each guest with a small and unique ornament to adorn their goblets. Have a blast with it and toss them in as a party favor!

 4. Catering

We’ve dropped hints about this cent-saving wonder a few times before and we can’t wait to gush about it all over again! While we absolutely love the beauty of a sit-down feast (taste tests anyone?) there’s something truly remarkable and authentic as the much smaller-scale food truck. Popping up like daisies all over the country,  food trucks are the latest and greatest in culinary trends. While nearly every catering company is happy to create a menu fit for your adventurous taste buds, food trucks have a few things pegged to absolute perfection! Feeling a little bit spicy? There’s an Indian food stand for that. Thinking cute, clean and trendy? Which all organic ice cream and frozen yogurt truck would you like to try first? Fabulous for photoshoots and tasty to boot, this money-saving catering option is really on a roll!

 5. Location

If the next event you’re already scheming over is your wedding, we’ve got a big one! Estate Weddings and Events knows the hopes and wishes that make up your dream day can be as specific as the watt of lighting on your final exit to as broad and open to suggestion as the city to which you wed. One way to save on expenses but expand your dream is to combine your intimate ceremony with the open-air breeze of an outdoor party at the same venue. Gather your guests to the interior of a barn beneath old oak rafters or the large family room filled with joy and comfort then scoot them outside for an evening under the stars. One cost. One location. One amazing day.


Estate Weddings and Events is here to work directly with you to keep your event true to form, even when a few corners need to be cut. Let us know the “must haves”, the “maybes”, the “I have no idea what I’m doings” and we’d love to provide tips and tricks that have saved us on multiple occasions. 3


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This past summer, we were pleased to work with Sophia Caramanoff of Les Belles Affaires on a fantastic styled wedding photo shoot. The shoot’s magenta and orange color scheme was a brilliant contrast to the lush gardens on the property. The photos, by Beeca Rillo Photography, were chosen as the cover for the online magazine, “Inspire A Bride” and will also be featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

Click here to view the entire gallery on “Inspire a Bride”…

Venue: Bali Gardens by Estate Weddings and Events 

Photography: Becca Rillo Photography 

Gown: Erin Cole Design 

Makeup: Flawless Faces 

Floral Designer: Fantasy Floral Designs 

Equipment Rentals: Archive Vintage Rentals.

Paper: Where’s the Party?

Equipment Rentals: Signature Party Rentals

Linens: Wildflower Linens

Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop

Event Planner: Les Belles Affaires

Let’s face it. The economy is still struggling, and those of us with our heads above water are only taking minor breaks between bouts of treading water. We’ll be the first to admit that celebrating the milestones of life or thanking a company that’s performed some major hustle over the past few years isn’t something to toss aside. While some may be in a bad spot financially, that doesn’t mean we appreciate one another any less.

This year, be a part of the merriment by renting out your own personal home or vacation home to all those still feeling the joy! Why simply watch couples tie the knot on weTV or hear about lavish corporate parties with champagne towers when you can be a part of them? Here are five reasons renting your home with Estate Weddings and Events not only expands your wallet but your grin.

Chateau de Beverly Hills

1.  Earn Extra Income

Whether you’re gainfully employed or run the house with all it’s bells and whistles, your house can become a very lucrative transaction or excess income. Renting your home for a week can definitely put some money in your pocket. Renting your home for one day often generates the same amount of income if not more. Why skip town for a full weekend when you can take the afternoon off, return home and sleep well knowing you were a big part of a fabulous evening!

2. Write off home improvements

We all have a laundry list of home improvements that we just can’t seem to squeeze into our schedules. Always wanted to replace that old tired tile work for brand new terracotta? Thinking the bathroom needs a pick me up? When renting out your home for a private event, these to-dos can get placed back at the top of your list! By improving your home for your business, you can count these expenses as a tax right off!

3. Tax Free income?

Want to rent out your personal home without spending too long away? Legally, if you rent out your full-time residence for less than 15 days in one year, this generated revenue is not considered a business and is 100% tax free! I know, one of the few times hearing a lot about figures and numbers is a good thing!

4. Hassle Free 

Already thought about renting but confused by all the legal jargon? No problem, If you qualify for an exclusive listing not only do we know all of the zoning laws backwards and forwards but we handle all of the necessary paperwork. Heck, after some specifications by you, the homeowner, when you begin working with us, the rest is entirely smooth sailing. We know what you want, what you don’t want and exactly what you’d like out of the event so leave all of the negotiations, the contracts, the staff, and of course, the clean-up to us. Grab a glass of wine, watch those old episodes of Law and Order SVU you’ve been meaning to catch up on and have that much more money in your bank account simply for relaxing.

5.  Advertise your Home

Planning on selling your home in the near future? We know it may be a while, so allow us to make your home the next big topic of conversation. Ever wonder how they make those extravagant and hyper-realistic sets of Hollywood blockbusters? We’ve worked with a variety of studios and film productions to bring their projects to life. Trust us, it feels pretty awesome seeing your backyard on screen as the deluxe hotel relaxation station. Who wouldn’t want to seriously consider living in a home like that fresh on the market?

6.  Give Back

Whether yours concerns animals, children, health or more, we all have a charity that strikes a special chord in our heart. For some, this may involve donating time, funds or an afternoon to assist in hands on work toward this unbelievable cause. For home owners who list their homes as the ideal event space, this may also include helping out a non-profit in a BIG way. While plenty of these companies may have the notoriety of for-profit businesses, it doesn’t mean their budgets share any of the same DNA. Donate your estate or provide further cost incentive for these altruistic celebrations and be a part of something tremendous. It’s more than opening your heart, it’s opening your home.

If you are an estate or venue manager looking to generate more business for your estate venue sign up for basic and premium listings and receive qualified leads directly to your mailbox.

Think this is something you’d like to learn more about? We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email over to info@estateeventgroup.com  and we’ll gladly give you further information. Event aficionados by nature, we also dabble in landscape and architecture appreciation. Give us a call, we’d love to hear more about your wonderful home!

Villa Bali Infinity

For all of those who may be unaware, San Francisco and the surrounding lands have been gifted the final burst of a late September heat wave, a supernova of summer blasting into the fall, if you will. Pasty arms and squinty eyes can be seen soaking up every last ray of sunshine from the shores of Bolinas to the glittering skyscrapers of downtown.

It got me thinking about the briefness of summer. Sure, three months of lemonade, freshly cut grass, beach-side picnics, air conditioning, lazying about the backyard and whistling to 70s pop might sound eternal, these days really do fly by. What better way to cherish these last weeks of BBQs and brewskis than a grand finale weekend getaway?

Estate Weddings and Events lives for events, but we also know the value of a Saturday well spent. Rather than one evening of star gazing or a pleasant afternoon of tea and crumpets, rent one of our estates for a weekend of Get-That-Coat-Out-Of-My-Sight relaxation. Before those warm nights flutter past us take a weekend in one of our California properties to unwind.

Hail from the South? Check out the Gridley Ranch in Ojai. Wander around this chic New Mexican style estate marveling at the bold fixtures scattered about. Rather than spending the afternoon catching a game of tennis on the television, try a game of croquet in the surrounding hills or relax on the porch overlooking Santa Barbara. And while you’re there, ensure you grab a handful or two of freshly picked nectarines. What screams fun in the summer sun more than freshly peeled fruit?

The heat too much for you up here in the Bay? Take a day trip to the Hidden Palms in Temecula. Sure, Napa’s not too far but take a peak at the beautiful valleys in another neck of the woods. Try a dip in the pool and grab a drink at the water bar (seriously, who would pass this up?) Grab the video camera and make some home movies for a chance to capture the smile a hot start to fall tends to bring.

Want some weekend getaway ideas? We’d be happy to point you in the direction of city attractions, amazing dining experiences and the perfect place to sit and stare out at the ocean. Adventure seekers by nature, the women of Estate Weddings and Events have more than a few secrets no Lonely Planet would dare provide!Staycation Vacation Estate Rental

Whether in the office, out on site tours, or working actual events, the staff at Estate Weddings and Events/ Estate Event Group are concerned with everything estates. Given that each of us have our own specific tastes, preferences, and experiences, we thought that we would share what estates are our favorites. Read on (in the multi-part series) to hear from the people behind the estates…


Willa Kroll (Northern California Representative): The Caballo Estate in Los Altos Hills, Santa Clara County

“Being a woman from Northern California, I preface my favoritism for the Caballo Estate with a dash of known bias sprinkled on top.  Regardless of this inconsequential fact, I think many would agree the Caballo is quite simply “picture perfect.” The crisp beauty of tan shingles adorning this classic barn-style home allows for quite the variety of events. Whether you feel at home in a Martha’s Vineyard ranch sipping a glass of chilled wine and viewing a rousing game of Cricket or the centerpieces for your family-style dining consist of tin watering cans filled with sunflowers, you’re in the right place. Admittedly jumping the gun, I’ve secretly planned my engagement photos atop a few barrels of hay smiling at the camera with a dozen yellow roses scattered around. ”


Brittany Steele (Central Coast Event Coordinator): The Abbey Estate in Montecito, Santa Barbara

“My favorite estate is the Abbey. I think the ocean views are breathtaking and make for the perfect photo setting for a couple exchanging their vows. Candle lights and vases of flowers around the pool provide for a most romantic landscape against the setting sun. After the sun sets and the party starts, dancing under the stars with the twinkly lights in the trees is extremely enchanting. The Abbey estate is not only impressive and beautiful but it provides you with the privacy you would want for a special intimate event. The entire setting should be described as upscale fairy tale.”